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The advantages of Facebook Ads are straightforward and hard to miss. However, how to use them to boost sales, is a curious combination of science and art that is hard to master. Facebook makes the lion’s share of its profits through advertising, but more than 40% of the campaigns result in raised revenue for the companies that invested in them. The reason behind the lack of success is a lack of patience and a lack of understanding of the multi-dimensional, nuanced nature of the platform. 

An effective Facebook advertising campaign requires a lot of research, data collection, and a fine-tooth comb analysis of that data. Facebook ads produce massive return of investment if effectively used by professionals with that very specific skill set. Employing an agency to run your businesses Facebook ad campaign ensures that the budget is used successfully.

What does the Facebook Ads Management service include?

  • New Ad Account Setup 
  • Facebook Ad Account Audit 
  • Past Performance Analysis. 
  • Facebook Ads Strategy and Roadmap
  • Tag installation and tracking setup
  • Customer List Upload
  • Audience creation (Lookalike, retargeting etc)
  • Campaign Setup
  • Performance optimization
  • Performance Reporting
  • Continuous Optimization
  • Return on Ad Spend Maximization

Our Facebook Ads Services

We offer a range of services to help you get the best out of your marketing dollar. Below are a few of the services that we offer to our clients.

Facebook Ads Strategy

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Campaign Management

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Conversion Setup

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Lead Generation

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CRM Integration

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Facebook Retargeting

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Why MadWoof for your Facebook/Instagram Ads? 

MadWoof offers research and data analysis by highly skilled analysts who have years of experience in the craft of turning data into information that profits. Having handled Facebook Ads budgets as high as $500k/month, we ensure that the money being invested yields results across channels. Our skilled analytics team is driven by constant innovation and optimization. The ads and the data they provide are consistently reviewed on a daily basis to find methods of optimization. Each piece of new data and information is mined for actionable insights and integrated to optimize the ads. 

But, you need not take our word for it, when you can see for yourself. Get your Facebook ads audit today, the first one is free of charge.

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Free Facebook Ads Audit

  • What are Facebook Ads?

Facebook Ads are the advertisements that are displayed not just on your company’s page and the post on your company’s page but also on the pages of your customers. They generate traffic towards your website through engagement on Facebook. They can help new leads, improve engagement on your Facebook page, and exponentially increase the reach of your content and your company’s visibility. Facebook ads are also crucial in connecting with potential customers and maintaining communication with existing customers. 

  • Why Facebook/ Instagram Ads?

Facebook has over 2.80 Billion and Instagram 1 Billion monthly active users. They are the largest, most influential social networks in the world. The scope of reach and visibility that Facebook and Instagram afford businesses is immense. Moreover, the micro-targeting features of Facebook allow companies to target audiences who, based on their browser and consumer behavior, are most likely to respond positively towards the products/services advertised. 

For independent or niche businesses that do not have the unlimited resources that larger enterprises might have, Facebook ads are a critical marketing tool. They improve conversion rates, boost visibility, and promote sales on a comfortable budget. With its wide reach across the globe, Facebook ads provide excellent return on investment.

A Snapshot of our Facebook Ads Service. 

  • Facebook Brand Awareness Ads

Facebook Awareness Ads are designed to identify receptive audiences who are the most likely to recall/remember the ads. The content and campaign are optimized to ensure that the prospective customer spends time with it so that they recall it even when they are no longer on the page or browsing.

  • Facebook Reach Ads

Facebook Reach Ads are designed to, as the name suggests, reach as many potential customers as possible. They are crafted to target smaller audiences but optimized with frequency caps so that it reaches the maximum number of people within that audience. Though it sounds counterintuitive, it is necessary to ensure that the potential customers don’t experience ad fatigue. It helps scale advertising without exceeding the budget.

  • Facebook Video Ads

Facebook Video Ads are strategically placed ads featuring a video that appear in one or more positions on a potential customer’s Facebook screen. A video ad helps grab their attention as they scroll through their Facebook feed with engaging and attractive content. You can create a Facebook video ad from scratch or repurpose an existing post/blog with a captivating video. Video ads have proven to be more effective in getting customer engagement and conversions and are a key tool to create a business’s unique identity and personality.

  • Facebook Traffic Ads

Targeted mainly towards boosting traffic, Facebook Traffic Ads are crafted to lead potential customers towards your website or app. The analysis of the data obtained on customer journeys also helps create traffic ads that will guide customers to take valuable actions when they reach your website.

  • Facebook Lead Ads

Facebook lead ads are promoted forms that are pre-populated with the information that is available from the potential or existing customer’s Facebook profile. Facebook lead ads are the forms that pop up when someone clicks on an ad. It is a simple but extremely effective method to not only generate leads but also form connections with your audience. The data obtained from them help in market research, provides customer feedback, and boosts conversion rates. By customizing the lead ads you can optimise both the products/services and the leads by reaching the right people with the right content. These ads can be demo requests, newsletter subscriptions, or contest registrations. Each of which will help you get more information about your target audience.

  • Facebook Conversion Ads

Specifically crafted to boost conversion rates, Facebook Conversion Ads encourage potential customers to purchase your products/services or take valuable action. Generating traffic, awareness, and leads are extremely important and they lead to conversion. But, buying a product/service is what effectively changes the bottom line. These ads can be videos, displays, blogs, or a hybrid of different content formats, but they are designed to boost sales.

  • Retargeting Using Facebook Ads

Using Facebook Ads to retarget people who have already visited and engaged with your website, product/service, or Facebook page is an extremely effective strategy. They have engaged with it once, they are more likely to engage with it again. These ads are personalized for every customer automatically and advertise items that they are most interested in, and thus most likely to repurchase. They keep loyal customers coming back for more by customizing and showcasing the freshest products according to their tastes. It builds brand loyalty and helps sustain it.

  • Facebook Audience

Facebook has more than 2.6 Billion monthly users across the globe which means a vast number of commonalities and intersections are bound to occur. And, since Facebook is essentially a social networking platform, those commonalities represent shared likes, dislikes, needs, and most telling of all, market gaps. Facebook is a goldmine of information for professionals who know how to look for it. That information is invaluable when it comes to advertising.

  • Facebook Lookalike Audience

Facebook Lookalike audience helps you identify potential customers who are similar in terms of demographics, interests, and needs. Understanding and recognizing the lookalike audience is crucial in expanding reach, generating leads, and boosting sales. These are potential customers who are the most likely to respond positively to your service/product and take valuable action.

  • Facebook Custom Audience

With Facebook Custom Audience you can target your ads towards your existing customers who are on Facebook. This is a strategy that goes hand in hand with finding Lookalike Audiences. The information can be obtained by analyzing the data found on customer lists, from previous engagement on Facebook and other social media platforms, and from the traffic and leads that the website or app has previously generated.

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